n. & v. (US honor)
1 high respect; glory; credit, reputation, good name.
2 adherence to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct.
3 nobleness of mind, magnanimity (honour among thieves).
4 a thing conferred as a distinction, esp. an official award for bravery or achievement.
5 (foll. by of + verbal noun, or to + infin.) privilege, special right (had the honour of being invited).
6 a exalted position. b (Honour) (prec. by your, his, etc.) a title of a circuit judge, US a mayor, and Ir. or in rustic speech any person of rank.
7 (foll. by to) a person or thing that brings honour (she is an honour to her profession).
8 a (of a woman) chastity. b the reputation for this.
9 (in pl.) a special distinction for proficiency in an examination. b a course of degree studies more specialized than for an ordinary pass.
10 a Bridge the ace, king, queen, jack, and ten, esp. of trumps, or the four aces at no trumps. b Whist the ace, king, queen, and jack, esp. of trumps.
11 Golf the right of driving off first as having won the last hole (it is my honour).
1 respect highly.
2 confer honour on.
3 accept or pay (a bill or cheque) when due.
4 acknowledge.
Phrases and idioms:
do the honours perform the duties of a host to guests etc. honour bright colloq. = on my honour. honour point Heraldry the point halfway between the top of a shield and the fesse point. honours are even there is equality in the contest. honours list a list of persons awarded honours. honours of war privileges granted to a capitulating force, e.g. that of marching out with colours flying. honour system a system of examinations etc. without supervision, relying on the honour of those concerned. honour-trick = quick trick. in honour bound = on one's honour. in honour of as a celebration of. on one's honour (usu. foll. by to + infin.) under a moral obligation. on (or upon) my honour an expression of sincerity.
Etymology: ME f. OF (h)onor (n.), onorer (v.) f. L honor, honarare

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